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Graco LineLazer ES 1000 (25U675) - Road marking machine

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 is a battery-powered road marking spray pump. The great thing about this machine is that it is almost noise-free and does not have gas emissions. Delivery rate 2,3 l/min.

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Road marking machine - Graco LineLazer ES 1000

The Graco Linelazer ES 1000 is a powerful road marking machine for spraying single and two-component materials to mark roads, car parks, commercial and industrial areas. It is battery-powered and works silently, with no exhaust emissions. Battery power means it can spray 75 litres of paint. By adding a second battery, you can spray up to 200 litres of paint. Charging time is 3 hours at 80% and 5 hours at full charge (100%). This pump can also be used with a power cable if required.

Technical details:

  • Maximum flow rate: 2.3 l/min
  • Maximum working pressure: 227 bar
  • Maximum nozzle size: 0,025"
  • Battery: 12 V, 100 AH
  • Weight: 154 kg

Accessories included:

  • Pump on trolley with battery and charger
  • Graco Flex Plus gun (248157)
  • RAC V nozzle holder
  • LL5319 nozzle
  • LL5421 nozzle
  • 15m Graco BlueMax II hose (1/4" thread - 249080)
  • Primary filter #60 (243984)
  • TSL oil bottle 118ml
  • Cantilever arm
  • 1x 12V battery
  • User manual

Application of the Graco LineLazer ES 1000:

Sprayable materials are 1K and 2K materials in the field of car park marking, paving and roads. However, industrial markings can also be applied with Graco's LineLazer ES 1000.

Graco article number: 25U675 (replaces 25M228)

The Graco LineLazer ES 1000 in video presentation:

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